The Woman – Part 2


Silent sobs, untold stories
Sealed lips, forgotten glories
Eyes wandering, mouth dry
No desires, a muted sigh!

The dilemma of a woman
Should she love or not?
Stagnation or a new start?
Gamble with the broken heart?

She talks to herself
Lonely and paranoid
Nobody should know
She must not show!

The facade, the mask
Happy and strong
While the dented heart
Is being ripped apart!

They live their life
While she chokes around
Nobody cares and nobody needs
Her sad eyes-nobody reads!

Yet the bitch survives
Every Time – that woman!
Is she weak? Is she strong?
Or she might just be holding on!

-Alka Pandey

Life in the times of corona


When we are back to normal,
When we are back
polluting and creating chaos
When we are back
Cutting and chopping trees
Killing animals as we please!

When we resume
Building concrete structures
When we restart
Ravaging earth’s resources
And once again bring it
To its knees!

When we are back
To our soirees
And midnight parties
I will remember
The clear skies
The fresh air; the silence
I will remember
This solitary confinement
Punishment or Bliss?
Relationships becoming meaningful
Some becoming meaningless!

I will remember these times
a world with fewer crimes
I will remember the world
And the dichotomy
Some worried about the Economy
Some wailing in agony!

I will remember
Children crying for food
The Poor and helpless
Dying of starvation
So many Jobless
Unable to feed their families!

I will remember
Finding enough time for
Following our passion
Cooking, Writing
And posting the pictures
Over the internet
While some were trying
Not to die!

Disease kills all
It doesn’t differentiate
Religion,Caste or status
Yet some are out of it’s reach
Some are safer
I will remember
This season of death
When a percentage
Of earth’s population
Was wiped out
Just like that
As if somewhere
A Thanos just
Snapped his finger!

-Alka Pandey

Employee of the Year


“Employee of the Year”

You said this
And he said that
This is how…
Began the spat!

He smiles at you
Then stabs at your back
No outright hostility
But a subtle attack!

He is undercutting you,
He is too ambitious
He loves to bully
He is just so vicious!

Your confidence is shaken
You doubt your abilities
Beware of him,
And his fake civilities!

He will downplay your contribution
In an unhealthy competition
He will sabotage your career
For a small recognition!

He will bitch about you
Over a mug of beer,
The asshole is called
“Employee of the year!”

He get’s rewarded
You are mind fucked,
What do you do?
You suck it up!

He is narcissistic
With a superiority complex
He goes on mansplaining
And talking nonsense!

You feel disrespected?
Dare speak your mind?
Expecting sympathy?
LOL, Nevermind!

Be Straightforward
Or deal underhand?
Expect no help
He had it planned!

So be yourself,
Give the best you can,
Learn and grow,
Could be the best plan!

-Alka Pandey

The Muse


Holding back in me
A swarm of emotions
Which sting from time to time
Releasing the poison inside
I Look at them
As if they don’t exist
As if I am fine
Convincing myself
That I don’t feel anymore
Love and things as such
Not knowing they might be real
They might exist
Those emotions once lost
In multiple combats with love
Perhaps it’s all in the head,
Feelings make you weak
And I am weakened by you
Every time you say something
I feel a storm inside
Which I try to discipline
With more force than ever
Cause you make my heart – beat!
Like it used to
And How it should
It is normal maybe
But I shudder with the thought
I Can’t afford to feel again
All the love the pain
‘Cause I am brittle
And I will break
So let it be like this
You are my muse
And nothing more
This is how I will keep you
This is how I will be yours!

Alka Pandey